Favorite Healthy Cookie Mix


Hey girls, todays post is going to be about my new healthy favorite cookie mix! Saturday night I was strolling around target looking for rice cakes, but ended up finding this amazing, super easy cookie mix.

You only need 2 eggs, 1 table spoon of vanilla extract and 4 table spoons of butter. I used earth balance butter,  which is a vegan, vegetable oil based butter as a healthier option. Each cookie is about 80 calories which is amazing for how good they are! Even my family who thinks I only eat tree bark liked them.  I thought they were going to be more like cookies, but they turned out to be like little cakes. I’m not sure if they turned out this way because of the butter I chose to use, but I’m not complaining! So yummy and I’m so glad I came across this brand. They bake fairly quickly and mine were very large and I ended up with 18. So I’m sure if you formed smaller balls you could end up with more.



I hope you enjoy this post and try the cookies for yourself I promise you that you won’t be disappointed!

xoxo, Rachel


First blog post

Welcome to my new website! I’m so excited to be able to share recipes, fitness, makeup, trending styles and any other life style post! Now before I get into this new journey, I’m going to introduce myself! My name is Rachel Weimer, I’m a high school student in the state of North Carolina. I love makeup and anything that relates to being glam and fabulous! I’m obsessed with iced coffee, shopping, dogs, health and being positive!

On this blog I have the desire to create a variety of post from my favorite fitness clothes, best makeup products of 2017 or even get down and dirty and write about how the Steelers should’ve won the game last night. I want to do weekly post that will update you about my past week. I’ll talk about my highs and lows of that week, favorite thing I discovered and that could be anything from a song, a new favorite hair product or anything that stood out and impacted my week.

I’m starting this blog to start a new hobby and see where it takes me. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for many months now. Today is a perfect day while I’m sitting at home in my cozy bed with a cup of coffee, a bag of skinny pop and my pup cuddled up beside me. Make sure to comment any ideas for future blog post.

Don’t forget to stay glam!

xoxo, Rachel